Quick Solution For Losing A Tooth

Losing a tooth can always be an unpleasant experience. When you were young though this was an unpleasant experience you did not have to worry about having to go through life without a tooth, because you were getting a natural, new tooth instead of the one you lost. However, as an adult, if you lose a tooth, then you will not have the same luck. Either you have to live with the gap which used to be a tooth or you could fill that gap using a man-made or artificial tooth. Most people choose the latter since they do not want to see other people gaping at the gaps in their mouths. What is interesting is that this solution of putting on artificial teeth has developed over the years.

In the early days, people had to wait for months to have their newly made teeth fixed to their mouths. However, at present, there is a faster solution called same day implants Dubai, which allows you to substitute the lost tooth with a new tooth as quickly as possible. Here are some facts to consider if you are thinking about choosing this method.

Teeth cure


In a fast moving process like this, they do fix the artificial titanium root to your jaw bone on the same day as they remove your old tooth. However, the dentist first has to check you, the status of the tooth that must be removed, your gums, etc. before they go ahead with the process. As a result, though the artificial root may be planted into your jaw bone on the same day the natural tooth is removed, you may still have to visit the dentist a couple of times. This process is a very sensitive one because first of all the whole tooth and the root of your natural tooth has to be removed, then the titanium root should be fixed to that place without damaging your gums or the surrounding area. Therefore, make sure the dentist of your choice is someone with good experience. Some dentists place the crown on the titanium root on that same day too.

Post-Process Care

Getting same day implants does not mean everything connected to that process finishes on the same day. You should pay attention to the tooth after the process. The best thing to do is listening to your dentist’s advices very well and following them to the letter. Otherwise, you may end up with infections. That will be a painful experience.


This procedure can be expensive since all the service is going to be done in one day. However, if you are going through with it, pay more attention to the service than to the price. You need to have someone good performing this. And good service comes with a high price.

This quick solution for losing a tooth involves in putting on an artificial tooth. That is not an easy task. Therefore, gather all the information about the procedure and have a genuine talk with your dentist before you decide to go through with it.

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