What Are the Tea Types That Are Currently Available in the Global Market?

While being one of the most popular beverages in the world, tea has been catered to the market in different types according to strength, leaf size etc. These different types touch each drinker’s palette in a different way than the other. Therefore, below are some of the types which were handpicked, out of the many that is available in the market at present.

Black Tea

This type is more oxidized than other varieties. It is generally stronger in flavor and contains more Caffeine than the less oxidized teas. To make black tea two principal varieties the species are used, namely small-leaved Chine Sinensis and large-leaved Assamese Sinensis Assamica. Green tea can also be produced from these species. Out of the options, black retains the flavor for several years. Steeped in hot water, it could also be used to dye clothes to last for a certain time period. It accounts for 78% of the world’s production. The major Black tea producing countries are Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India and Kenya.


Green Tea

It is prepared from unfermented leaves and allegedly comprises the highest application of dominant antioxidants named Polyphenols. It was first believed to be developed in China. This type could be marketed as loose or ready tea, depending on consumer preference check these guys out. It is subjected to many medical and scientific findings to define the degree of its health benefits, and some evidence suggest consistent Green Tea enthusiasts would have lesser chances of being prone to heart illness and some sorts of cancer. Also, it is claimed to be useful for weight loss.


Oolong Tea

This type accounts for only 2% of the production of the beverage. Production and consumption Oolong tea is mainly confined to Taiwan and some parts of China. Experimental manufacture of Oolong has also been undertaken in Sri Lanka, which has not commenced any commercial scale of production of this type up to now. Process of Oolong is similar to that of Black Tea, except that, after rolling, the rolled leaf is allowed to ferment only for a short period. The chemical composition of Oolong is somewhere between that of Green and Black Tea, depending on degree of fermentation. This type is also available as ready tea in countries like Japan, although it is not that frequently utilized in the world.

Fruit flavoured tea

With the different types which are being manufactured today, many modern drinkers prefer to add their favourite essence of fruit such as Blackberry, Apricot, Strawberry, Lemon, Mango etc in their favourite cuppa.

As daily consumers, we have been blessed with many a types out of which we can choose what pleases us best and enjoy a hot/cold cup of the beverage for the day.

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