Make Your Home Cool This Summer

Time to go to the beach! We all love summer and the holiday spirit it brings to many of us but staying indoors when the weather is so hot can be killing. This is why we have the AC turned on the whole day and after a month, the electricity bills freaks us out! But not to worry, this is not the only way you can keep your home cool and amazing for the summer. There are lots of other ways. Take a peek at the tips we came up with for you.

Save money with fans

Using an AC is not the only way to make your home cool in the first place; a fan is amazing too. There are several types of fans like ceiling fans and a stand fans. A stand fan is great when you want the air to knock you directly but a ceiling fan can make an area cool so its better to find full service electrical company. Even though it’s not so powerful to make you cool like an AC, it’s energy efficient. Also make sure to maintain the fan because the amount of dust and dirt that can get trapped to it is a lot. So, keeping it clean to get quality air is important.


Take a look at the AC

If you are looking forward for a new air conditioner installation in North Brisbane, it’s important that you look at the brand and quality of the machine. Even if you are looking for a second hand one. The next step is to get a good service to install it safely. Maintenance is always vital for any machine if you want it run long and effectively. Look out for symptoms like leaking and energy consumption in your air conditioner. It can be a sign of a terrible drawback inside the system.

Use the correct curtains and time to open to the windows

If you are afraid to open your windows because of burglars and you want to ensure the privacy of your life, then use curtains and blinds to block the inside view of your home from the outsiders. This will also help you to control the natural light pouring into your home. But the important thing is you are making the most out of the natural breeze. Especially after dusk, the temperature goes down and the environment is cooler. This is the best time for you to open your windows and let in that cool air to your home.

Insulate your home

Not only to keep your home warm for the winter, but insulating will also help you to keep your home cool for the summer by blocking all those ways the cool air can escape. If you have gaps between your doors, use rugs or even long soft toys to cover them. Another is to use foils. Especially when your AC is on, make sure your doors are all closed and the room is insulated so the cool air won’t escape.

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